Herb Garden - candle tin
Herb Garden - candle tin

Herb Garden - candle tin

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Herb garden to me is that amazing burst of fragrance when you pick a fresh tomato from the vine mixed with sweet basil and minty crisp spearmint. With warm edges of ginger , vanilla and caramelised tobacco. 

Cool and fresh, an aromatic scent that begins its journey with the wild aroma of crisp spearmint, and freshly picked fruits of blackcurrant and apple. A invigorating heart awaits where the intensity of jasmine is enriched by sweet clove and fresh ginger, before settling on smooth tones of caramelised tobacco, and vanilla amber.

Top notes - Spearmint – Blackcurrant – Apple – Lemon

Middle notes - Ginger – Clove – Jasmine

Base notes - Vanilla – Amber – Tobacco